Major Security Flaw in Facebook Contacts

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Facebook contacts full personal contact inform ation shared with strangers

By James Nicholas


I discovered a major security and safety flaw with Facebook and my Iphone this afternoon.  I was looking up a phone number and noticed a few names that I had never seen in my contacts before.  I recognized the names as Facebook friends but I had never directly entered them into my phone contacts. I am a photographer who takes sports pictures outside of the firearms industry. As such, I have several friends who are roller derby girls.    I've met many of them but do not really know them on a personal level. I am basically just a fan who is also a photographer. I know several of them are Facebook friends with people who are just fans and not close friends. When I opened the contact information, it not only has their phone number and name but also includes complete addresses, email addresses, complete dates of birth, websites, and professions. This is a huge security risk  I never collected or asked for any of that information. It was just dumped on my phone. As a security expert, this scares and concerns me. All of this personal information about these girls is now out there and available to anyone. What if someone was a stalker? What if someone wanted to steal their identity? I don't know when this security flaw happened but I know I now have 100s of people's information that I did not have before. I would recommend everyone go to Facebook and immediately erase all of your personal information that you do not want to share with strangers, like your full address. 

The way to stop the information to be shared is to go into your phones settings. Then find the Facebook app settings. You will want to uncheck the box that gives Facebook access to your phones contacts. This is were Facebook is pulling your information from and sharing it with others. If you use Facebook on your phone you will be able to see what I am talking by going to your contacts. Look for new contacts that came from your Facebook account and click on it for more information. Depending on the other persons settings you can find all kinds of revealing information. And the scary thing if you are seeing there information....they also have yours. Unless you turn off access to your contacts.