Springfield Armory XDS Detail Disassembly Pt. 4 of 6

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Springfield Armory XDS Striker Detail disassembly

By James Nicholas

This is part 4 of a 6 part article series focusing on the complete 100% detail disassembly of the Springfield Armory XDS pistol. If you can not easily find the other sections use our search icon on the top right of the website. Type in "XDS Detail Disassembly" and we will provide you with the complete series. 

We have broken the six part series into the following sections to make it easier to follow and focus on the following areas. 


  • 1. Magazines
  • 2. Field Strip 
  • 3. Slide Disassembly
  • 4. Striker Disassembly
  • 5. Frame Disassembly
  • 6. Sear Housing and Trigger Disassembly


  • Springfield Armory does not recommend further disassembly of the frame. "Further dismantling is not necessary and should only be done by Springfield, Inc. or a qualified pistolsmith". Pg 26 XDS operation and safety manual.  
  • These instructions are for informational use only and should only be attempted by trained individuals. If you are unsure and/or do not have the right tools and training please do not attempt. 

The following step are for the complete 100% disassembly of the Springfield Armory XDS pistol. The disassembly procedure will be spit into 6 parts focusing on the different assemblies and areas of the pistol. 

The XDS striker assembly 

This part of the article will focus on the XDS striker assembly and how to take it apart. Above is the fully assembled Striker assembly as you would pull it out of the slide. 

Using a bench block to help you take the striker assembly apart. 

I am using a gunsmithing bench block as a third hand to help me keep control of the assembly as I take it apart. You can easily make something like this at home using a piece of wood and drilling a hole slightly larger than the striker guide but smaller than the striker ledge. I would really recommend something like this since you will need both hands to take the assembly apart. 

Push down on the striker spring and use your other hand to pull the striker Spring retainer away. 

Use one hand to push down on the striker spring. Make sure you have control of this spring before you attempt to remove the retainer. As you hold the spring down use your other hand and pull the striker spring retainer (black collar looking thing)  up and away from the spring as shown by the blue arrow. Slowly release the striker spring tension, if you let it go too fast it will go flying across the room to be lost forever. 

The striker spring tension has been released. 

The spring tension has been released and it can now be removed by pulling it off the shaft. Note the retainer sitting on the bench block.

Pull the striker guide off the striker following the direction of the red arrow. 

Now you can pull the striker guide off the striker in the direction of the red arrow. 

The striker assembly fully disassembled.

The striker assembly has been fully disassembled and all of its parts laid out.

The striker assembly consists of 4 parts:


striker guide

striker spring

striker spring retainer