Range Report & Review: XDS Trigger Spring kit By PRP

by James Nicholas the XDMAN in

Powder River Precision's XDS Trigger Spring Kit

By Jon "Trust8383"

Just thought i'd post a quick review of the Powder River Precision Spring kit for the XDS. I just installed it yesterday and test fired it today. Hopefully this review can help you decide whether or not you'd like to do this to your XDS. 

  • First off, the spring kit can be found here for $15.00 ----->

PRP XDS Trigger Spring Kit

  • This review is not meant to be a complete step by step tutorial. Simply an over view. 
  • For detailed disassembly instructions, Check out James's great step by step photos at:

XDS Detail Disassembly - Tacti-Cool.com

I found his pictures and instruction invaluable as the spring kit does not come with instructions! 

You won't need very many tools for this job. I only needed a few punches, a small hammer, small scribe/hook, and a pair of pliers. (in my case a MultiTasker )

 The PRP Spring kit consists of 5 replacement springs for your XDS. 

  1. Striker Spring
  2. Striker Safety Spring
  3. Disconnector Spring
  4. Sear Spring
  5. Trigger Safety Spring
Powder River XDS Spring Kit laid out ready for installation.

A close up view of the springs included with the PRP XDS Trigger Kit.

The XDS striker has been disassembled. The factory striker spring is on top with the PRP replacement below the striker. 

The striker has been reassembled with the Powder River replacement spring. 

The striker safety with the factory spring on top and the PRP replacement on bottom. 

I didn't have an armorer's block, so what's the next best thing? A roll of electrical tape! Haha hey, it worked. I also wrapped a little tape around the slide to hold the extractor in place and capture the striker safety from flying out. 

With the slide put back together, I decided just for kicks to test the trigger pull. Having only replaced the components in the slide the Trigger measured 5.5 pounds. 

On to the frame..............

The XDS sear assembly, the factory sear spring is on top of the PRP replacement. 

The disconnect assembly with the factory disassembly spring on top of the PRP replacement. 

The factory trigger safety spring is above the replacement PRP spring. 

The trigger assembly is back together. I did a little polishing while everything was apart. On various forums some users have mentioned that it was a pain to reconnect the sear spring and disconnector spring. It helps If you use your punch as a slave pin to put these parts back together. It went back together for me with no problems using this technique. 

After it was all said and done.........

The factory XDS trigger pull was 6.75 pounds.

After the PRP spring install, the trigger pull averaged 4.75 to 5.0 pounds. The reset feels crisper and cleaner with a very audible "click"

Is it a huge difference? No........ But, it is a nice improvement over the factory trigger pull and upon firing the pistol, I liked the way it shot. Sightly lighter pull, but not overly light by any means. Perfect for a carry pistol in my opinion.  At a cost of only $15.00 this mod is affordable and worthwhile. 

So how did it shoot?

Well I tested a few different brands of  ammo from:

  • Federal 230gr round nose 
  • Atlanta Arms 230gr round nose 
  • Hornady XTP 185 grain JHP
  • Some of my personal reloads. (Berry's 230 gr., CCI primer, accurate #2) 

All of the rounds tested, fed and fired flawlessly with no light primer strikes of any kind.  I did notice that I shot slightly left with the XTP's? I'm sure it's just me not shooting well.  I was able to hold some nice tight groups though from 7 & 10 yards without too much fuss. I believe the lighter trigger pull aided in that. 

Here is a quick video clip of the pistol in action with the new PRP trigger kit.