Custom Cut Pearce & Talon Grip

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Making Aftermarket Accessories Work for You

By "The Fuzz" 

The Pearce grip extension modification and custom-cut Talon grip for it. I have been saying ever since I heard about the length of the Pearce grip that I would be shortening it pretty much right away. To my surprise, the XDS didn't really print all that much more with the Pearce installed than the standard (flat) 5 round base plate, thanks mostly to the overall short height of the frame.

Carrying with the Pearce installed:

However, I didn't like the way the Pearce grip looked, I didn't like the excess length, and I didn't like having the steep forward angle on the bottom of the magazine when reloading. So, I took out my Dremel tool. 

Above from left to right: Before grinding off the tip, the standard Pearce grip.  After grinding with the bottom chopped off. At this stage the the edges of the grip were raw and unfinished.  And a comparison between the modified Pearce grip on top, and a normal full-size Pearce grip on the bottom. 

The modified Pearce grip. 

I don't know how much I removed, but at first glance I'd say just about a quarter inch. I just held the gun in my hand, marked the bottom of my pinkie on the Pearce grip, and went to town with a sanding drum and some 600g sandpaper. It's not perfect and I got a little overzealous with the dremel on some of the edges, but I did this from a functional perspective rather than a cosmetic one. 

Now, since Talon Grips  doesn't have a cut for the Pearce grip extension quite yet, I decided to order some pieces for the 7-round magazine thinking that I could just cut them to fit...but no dice. The "XDS" cutout and side panel cutouts got in the way, so I had to get a little creative with the scissors and an exacto knife. 

The end result looks good though, and does what I want from a functional perspective. No printing issues, solid grip, and no more goofy angle on the bottom.