Zombie Killer AR-15

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Splatter Coat "Zombie Killer" AR-15

By James Nicholas

We did this project for a really good friend's son as his christmas present. This is a Splatter Coat using KG Gunkote sublime Green as the base and satin black as the second layer. The inspiration for this came from the Spikes Tactical AR "Zombie Killer" Ejection Door. It was sort of like those commercials were the couple tells the designer build me a house around this sink faucet. It's almost funny how such a small part dictated the overall design. The other circumstance that dictated the design was that KG Industries did not have any Air Cure Gunkote in Sublime Green. But in the end I think having the Black furniture, accessories and small parts in black adds to the camouflage and your not overwhelmed by all the green. The lesson is that you should always be willing to adapt and overcome in your projects. And don't be afraid to base your projects on one particular accessory and build around it. 

The Zombie Killer AR-15

The Zombie Killer AR-15