by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Springfield Armory XDS Coloring the Engravings

Contributed by BigDawgBeav

Hey, guys, BigDawgBeav here. James asked if he could post my "tacti-cooling" of my Springfield XDs. Of course I have no issues with that. The reason behind the color fill was simply for a different look. Some guns are kinda plain-jane when it comes to slide art, and then there are some that are just asinine. When I got the XDs I really liked the logos on the side and the Springfield logo on top. I wanted to bring it out a little bit.

Off I went to my local hobby shop and picked up some enamel paint pens. I decided that just making the words and logo white was going to be boring. I wanted the logo to look like the actual XDs logo. You really can't tell from the video, but this really did take me around 24 hours to complete. I kept cleaning up the excess and pulling the paint out of the grooves and then having to do it over and over again. That's when I decided to let it dry. That seemed to work a little better.

After the video, I cleaned up the residue a little better using some oil wipes, a paper towel and a silicone cloth. I actually showed that on an update video.

So in the end I hope you liked the color fill job. It was relatively easy. You just need some patience and time.

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Thanks, BDB