Project MVP - Tacti-Cool Build Series Part 1

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Project MVP - Tacti-Cool Build Series  

By James Nicholas

 As part of our build series we take a special project on and show you step by step the transformation from plain Jane to Tacti-Cool!


For Project MVP we are taking a factory Mossberg MVP 5.56mm bolt action rifle and tricking it out to be the envy of any MVP fan.  We start above with two Mossberg MVP rifles as they come from the factory. The Predator model is pictured above the Varmint model.  They both are adequate from the factory but can be improved upon.  Our modifications ended in this black and anodized brown beauty. She now looks as good as she shoots. 

Here is what we did & added: 

  • Tactical Innovations 5.56mm suppressor 
  • Yankee Hill flash hider
  • KG Gun Kote Anodized Brown & Black
  • Bed liner on the stock  
  • Leupold MK AR scope 
  • MGW 20 MOA base
  • A.R.M.S. Med Throw Lever Rings  
  • A.R.M.S. Ring Inserts  
  • Harris bipod  
  • JB Weld grip texture
  • Brownells 20 round mags  
  • Cut factory bolt handle & mount Tact Ops oversized bolt
  • Adjustable cheek rest
  • Jard 19oz trigger 
  • Push button QD Magpul sling points
  • Magpul MS4 QD sling
  • Magpul anti tilt followers


Factory Mossberg MVP

I started this project with the MVP Varmint model and was going to have the barrel threaded for a suppressor. But the Varmint version has a 24 inch medium bull barrel, and if you add an 8inch suppressor you end up with a 32inch barrel length. In my opinion this was too long and I wanted something a little more compact. So I found a Predator model on the internet with an 18.5 inch bull barrel that was factory threaded already. I picked that one up.  The barrel and overall length were perfect. With the suppressor attached the rifle was only 3 inches longer than the Varmint. Now the problem was the stock on the Predator.  It just did not seem right for what I wanted to do.  The Varmint stock has a nice palm swell area, was more substantial and gave better clearance for 20 round magazines if you were in the prone position and used a bipod. Since no one makes any aftermarket stocks for the MVP and Mossberg does not sell the stocks individually. My only option was to cannibalize the rifles and combine the best from each--a shorter barrel with a more substantial stock. It is kind of extreme to buy two different rifles but this is what I had to do to make what I wanted and the combination was the starting point for this project. 

The end result.