Pink-O-Licious Shields

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Think Pink! 

By James Nicholas 

Two special women are going to get great gifts for Christmas that they will be proud to show off. I love doing custom work and was glad that I was asked to make a breast cancer awareness gun. The bottom slide with the ribbon is going to a 20 year survivor so I knew I had to try something new for her. This was the first time I have tried to coat a slide with such an intricate template and masking. Instead of a plain pink ribbon I made it a pink heart ribbon so it will be that much more special. Pink is one of the harder colors to coat, because of the layering and the chance that it could end up looking like a horrible shade of pink. For these I put a base coat of flat white, then a couple of layers of pink. Both slides were baked to a half cure state. Then I carefully masked off the ribbon and sprayed it in a light mist of hot pink. Then both slides were hit with a pearl top coat and then a final bake and cure.  The pearl top coat does a couple of things, when the slide is in the sun it acts like a candy coat on a car and shimmers. The second is that it evens the layers on the ribbon slide, so that after curing you can rub your fingers on the ribbon and not feel it at all. The ribbon is just magically in the coat but has sharp lines and is well defined. It takes effort to make sure that in the finished product you can not tell where the masking occurred or how many layers there are. For the picture I have been saving these M&M's for just a special occasion, do you know how hard it is to not eat candy you have laying around.