Blast from the Past - XD-40 Subcompact Magazines with 9mm Ammo

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

How to make a flush fitting Thirteen round 9mm magazine out of a

nine round 40sw subcompact magazine

By James Nicholas 

During the AWB XD-9 owners utilized a legal loop hole in order to have a full capacity magazines. Basically XD-40/357 magazines will naturally and with no permanent modification reliably feed 9mm ammo. Back then we could take a 10 round 40/357 magazine and were able to use them to hold 15 rounds of 9mm capacity. Fast forward to when the XD-40 Subcompact was released and you could once again apply this same technique. Although now the flush fitting XD-40 Subcompact magazines, since they were smaller than the full sized frame only held nine 40sw rounds. These Nine round XD-40 Subcompact could naturally hold 13 rounds of 9mm ammo. Springfield Armory as of late 2009 now offers a factory 13 round flush fitting magazine. It took several years for the factory to catch up with the users like me who have been doing this and advertising it for years on forums like and Even if Springfield now offers this as an option don't overlook the power you gain with this type of knowledge. You can use these provided tips to modify practically any XD or HS2000 magazines to make them work for you. 

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