Get Rid Of That Sissy Silver Magazine & Get Your Self Black

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

KG Gunkote makes everything more tactical

By James Nicholas 

I hear complaints every day about pistols that come with bright silver magazines. Take for example the Springfield Armory XD, XDM & XDS pistols. These pistols all come with a shiny chrome finish that is bright enough to use as a signal mirror. Great if you are lost in the wilderness; bad if you don't want to be noticed. The slick metal finish theoretically makes the magazines eject from the pistol better. But are darker magazines that much harder to eject...I don't think so. Then there's the Smith & Wesson Shield. The Shield comes with silver colored magazines when all of the other M&P pistols have black magazines. If your tired of blingy shiny silver magazines, let us refinish them when we are refinishing your slide. Just look at the pictures below.  Now those are tactical.