My Custom Mossberg MVP Almost Done

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Almost done with the MVP project

James Nicholas  

This is a preview of a Mossberg MVP project I am almost finished with. The Mossberg MVP is a 5.56 Bolt Action rifle that accepts AR-15 magazines. I have a couple more items that are still coming in but I could not wait to take it out side. I am working on a whole series of articles showing most of the step by step process of converting the rifle so check back in the next couple of days. The first one is already published if you have not seen it. Tac Ops Bolt Knob

Some of what I did

  1. Coated the rifle with KG Gunkote Leupold Brown with Black accents
  2. Cut off factory bolt and installed an oversized one
  3. Added optics
  4. Added QD push button sling points in the factory stock
  5. Retrofitted the factory stock bed-liner coated it.  
  6. Added adjustable cheek rest

Cell Phone Pic Preview

Cell Phone Pic Preview

Cell Phone Pic Preview