KG Gunkote Black Chromed S&W Shield

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

First gun refinished in Black Chrome 

By James Nicholas 

A couple of weeks ago KG Industries sent me of one of their new colors Black Chrome. Minkman555 over at volunteered to send in his Shield to be the first one to get his slide refinished in this new color. He is also the one that allowed me to coat his XDS in the red and black splatter coat he was the first to get that done. You can check that out as it is the red gun our model is holding in the main page cover photo. I will say that this new color looks even better than titanium which is my favorite color coating. This dark coating looks great and has just enough silver flake in it to have a candy effect. Think of a car were you can see the slight shimmer in the sun if you look at it in different angles. 

Here we compare Black Chrome far right to Titanium pictured center and Stainless all the way to the left.