KG Gunkote Stainless vs. Titanium vs. Black Chrome

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Comparing KG Gunkote's Brushed Stainless, Titanium & Black Chrome 

By James Nicholas 

We get e-mails every day asking about the difference between the Stainless and Titanium Kg Gunkote.  And now that KG industries just released Black Chrome it was a perfect time to visually explain the difference. This week we had three different projects with all three colors so I could show off how they compare to each other. From left to right we have a Springfield XDM 4.5 in Brushed Stainless Gunkote. In the center we have a Springfield XDS coated in Gunkote Titanium. All the way to the right we have a Smith & Wesson Shield in the not yet released to the public Black Chrome. 


When I describe Stainless Gunkote: It is a light silvery grey. 

Titanium: Is a dark smokey silvery ghost grey. 

Black Chrome: Is a very dark smokey silvery grey.

If you want a true stainless gun, you will never really get that true stainless feel with any coating. The stainless coating will give you sort of the look. With coating remember that the lighter the color the potentially weaker the finish. Any scratches will show the darker under lying metal, especially if the applicator parkerized the parts prior to refinishing. The lighter colors will also show dirt, grease and grime easier. The benefit of the darker colors is that they will hide some of the smaller scratches when you get them and wear better in the long run. And if you have a dirty gun the darker colors will hide that fact. When I tell customers about Titanium I tell them that it is a dark smokey silvery ghost grey that is sexy. Everyone has a stainless gun and knows what they look like. But you pull out a titanium finished gun and instantly everyone will know it is custom. You get the bi-tone look with out all of the bling and it being so bright and obnoxious. And now with black chrome you get a great dark color thats not quite black and is sexy with just the right amount of silver flake in the coating to make a nice super dark grey candy color. 

Remember that with any coating no matter the brand, lighter colors will show wear quicker and look dirtier faster than darker colors. The only way to get around this is to never use your refinished firearm, but that would not be fun would it.