New Armorer's Cups

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Two New Armorer's Cups Now Available

By James Nicholas 

Unfortunately we no longer have a supplier for our first version of the Armorer's cups. The Stock of the older ones sold out almost a year ago. We had countless e-mails asking about these useful cups and I can understand why. I use my personal cups every day when working on customers guns and rely on them heavily. I finally had some time to sit down and come up with two new versions that are now available. I thought about what would be useful in these cups that would help me speed up and accurately preform my everyday work. These cups are machined from a solid piece of hard rubber and polymer both light weight and will not scratch or mar a firearms finish. Basically you sit your slide, frame or part on this cup and use it a mobile bench. So no more scratching the kitchen table, and no more scratching your pistol at the range sitting it on a concrete bench. Instead of using a roll of duct tape the tool has a center cup and holes (large cup only) that you can use to give you room to push/tap your pins out during disassembly.  Then the cup area can be used to hold some of your small parts while you work.

The "Small Armorer's Cup" is a 3 inch hard rubber simple cup. The smaller size and light weight is great for keeping it permanently in your range bag. It is a no frills design with a 2 inch cup opening. Total height of the cup is just over an inch so it really does not take up any room. The inside of the cup features a magnetic base to help keep all of your smallest parts from spilling all over the place. You can purchase this in the gunsmithing tools section of:

The "Large Armorer's Cup" is 4 inches in total diameter and made out of a hard polymer. What makes this one a better design over the older version is found in the thicker one inch wide sidewalls. The sidewall act as a work surface and as you can see above working on a trigger is easily done now. The thicker sidewalls allowed me to place five different 5/8", 1/2", 3/8 keyhole, 3/8" and 1/4" sized holes. This allows you to move work to the proper size hole you need for clearance but still allowing you to work with small parts. Both of the 3/8" holes are specifically sized to act as striker disassembly holes and will work with all Glocks and Smith & Wesson M&P  strikers including the Shields. The second 3/8' hole is keyhole shaped and is made to specifically work with the XDS striker.  At the inside base of the cup is a black magnet to help keep all of your small parts in one place. You can purchase this in the gunsmithing tools section of: