Mossberg 500 Restoration

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Before & After Mossberg 500 

By James Nicholas

A customer brought over a worn out looking Mossberg 500 shotgun. A quick test revealed that it was function fine and only had cosmetic damage. The customer wanted to keep this in his vehicle and wanted something that looked good and was equally functional. 

A close up view of the barrel, magazine tube and heat shield. This gun had rust problems due to being stored in a vehicle. The customer was tired of cleaning the surface rust off the factory parkerized finish.

You can clearly see on the magazine tube that the original parkerizing is now a brownish color. After we got our hands on it we restored the a factory fresh look. We used KG Gunkote O.D. Green and Matte Black for the accent color. 

We abrasive blasted the receiver and were able to remove most of the scratches and blemishes. 

The shotgun should continue to provide the customer with years of service and no longer have those rust issues.