A Pair of Magpul Shotguns

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Mossberg vs Remington - Titanium vs Texas Tea

By James Nicholas


A customer dropped off two Magpul edition shotguns for some coatings. The idea for the Remington 870 was for it to be a classy bi-tone scheme. I used Titanium KG Gunkote. Its dark, smokey, silvery ghost grey gives it a nice but mean executive look. The Mossberg 590 was to go to the customers son who is a deputy sheriff. He wanted a nice brown or FDE that would match the deputies' uniforms. Every one has classic FDE so I recommended KG Gunkote Texas Tea for a more custom look. The best way to describe this color is to look through a clear glass filled with some good old southern sweet tea in the sun. The different rich browns and golden hues glisten as the light is reflected. 

Let us customize your shotgun too! The cost for coating a shotgun in a single color like this runs 150.00. Send us an e-mail for information on how to send us your firearms ajamesp51@xd-hs2000.com