Gem Blue & Brushed Stainless Glock 42

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Custom Glock 42

By James Nicholas 

We finished this up for a customer today. It is a Glock 42 (yes we work on Glocks) with a Pearce grip extension. The Barrel was glass beaded. The Slide was coated in KG Gunkote Brushed Stainless, and the frame in Gem Blue. This customer wanted a wedding present for his bride and she wanted a gun that matched a famous jewelry brands boxes.

If your interested in custom work on your pistols let us know. This particular job job cost 100.00 in total. A small slide refinish in one color is 40.00, A frame is 55.00 for one color. The extra 5.00 was a discounted bead blasting for the barrel.