After Shot Show Projects

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

These are some of the more interesting projects we were working on the week before and after the Shot Show. The first one is an M1 Carbine that was at least 20 years old but in great condition overall. The customer wanted a more modern and updated look. What we did was coat all the metal in KG Gunkote Titanium. And then we took the original wooden stock and bed lined it. The stock was the worst part since it had 20 something years of cleaners and oils in it. We had to take a week alone just to try to degrease it where we could actually bed line it. The customer was ecstatic and could not believe how it turned out.  

The next project I want to show off is a Taurus PT-22 that a customer bought for his wife. She wanted a pink gun and we made it happen. The PT-22 was coated in KG Gunkote Pink, with a base coat of Flat White.