Urban Kryptek Tavors

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Kryptek Tavors for an OEM Customer

By James Nicholas

A local gun store wanted some special edition Tavor rifles in an urban Kryptek theme. With this project we went back to our DuraCoat roots and used their products for this project since everything would be plastic work. We were able to try out the new DuraCoat Adhesion Promoter and it worked with great success. AP spray is for when you are coating oil based plastics and synthetics and don't have access to a abrasive cabinet. We are a professional shop and normally we would abrasive blast every part we would be coating. But since this was a large project and the stocks were so big it would have been time consuming and would have maxed out my large blast cabinet. I could easily blast the center section of the stocks, but I would be straining to reach the ends. So instead of fighting with them I ordered two cans of the Adhesion Promoter. I completely disassembled the Tavors then chemically cleaned all of the plastic to degrease it. After drying and warming the parts up I followed the directions and misted the plastic with the AP. I completely skipped scuffing up or abrasive blasting the parts which normally helps with the adhesion of the paint to the parts, it gives it something to hold on to. I was able to pretreat all 4 stocks with a couple misting coats each with one can of 9.95 Adhesion Promoter. Within 20 min I was coating parts with the first layer of Mirage White. If I would have had to abrasive blast each part then re-clean and dry I was looking at about 1-2 hrs depending how long it took for the air compressor to recycle. Saving an hr in my book was worth the 9.95 and doing the math, only 2.48 added per gun/project it's a no brainer. The rest of the project continued as it normally would with templates and layers of different colors of coating until you get the final look you want. These rifles were coated in the following colors of DuraCoat:  Mirage White, Tactical White, Extreme Grey, Snow Grey, Matte Black.