Service Brown Kriss Vector

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

By James Nicholas 

One special project on the bench this week is a 45ac Kriss Vector carbine. I love gunsmithing, but every once in a while you run into a gun that just makes you want to bang you head repeatedly on the bench and scream. Below you see a bench full of parts after I finally was able to remove the screws. I wanted to call Kriss and yell at someone and ask WHY, WHY, WHY all the red locktight. Just know that if you ever decide to fully disassemble a Kriss the factory red locktight's the shit out of the screws. I had to destroy the 6 screws that are on the main grip/magazine well to get them out. For the next one  have an idea how to get them out, let me try it first before I give out some advice. 

After stripping the 3mm heads of the screws, the only resort was to use a screw extractor removal tool. Know that Kriss sells the screw kit online to anyone who wants to buy it. So messing them up was not the end of the world. The cost is 20.00 plus shipping, man they must be made out of gold or something. Well here is some advice that I was able to try and use. Those screws are 4mm x 70 pitch Hex pan head screws. I was able to find them at both Fastenal and TrueValue hardware. The head even used a 3mm allen key like the factory screws. The length was a couple MM to long but as a gunsmith you shorten screws all the time to fit a particular project. And at 16 cents a piece less than a dollar for all six it was well worth the trouble. When I put everything back together I followed the armorers manual and red locktighted the screws again. 

This was a contract gun for a local gun store. The customer wanted me to refinish all of the plastic in service brown. We left all of the small parts black to break everything up and make it look like it was a factory coated gun.