M&P Shield Bad Sight Install

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Make sure your Gunsmith has the proper tools to install sights on your specific gun

By James Nicholas


 A customer sent us his brand new Smith & wesson M&P Shield. He told us that his local gunsmith installed a brand new set of of XS Big Dot Night sights on his brand new pistol. The XS big dots retail for 150.00 plus the cost of installation. This is what the customer received for his 180.00 investment. The Gunsmith dinged up both sides of the rear sight and then messed up the front sight as well. Remember that when you are shopping for a gunsmith always ask if they have worked on your particular firearm. Make sure they will warranty the work and pay to fix it if they mess up. Fortunately the gunsmith did pay for new sights. The customer then sent us the sights and slide.  We were able to refinish the slide and make it look brand new. Then we properly installed the sights so it looked like it came from the factory that way.