I Broke a Sight :(

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Even I can have a bad day. 

By James Nicholas

As good as I am, I had a bad day and broke a sight. It was one of those deals were I knew it was going to happen and I just kept going. As soon as I heard the snap I didn't even want to look. I had visions of glowing radio active dust all over my work bench. But as a good gunsmith I called the customer let them know what happened and what I was going to do to fix it. I didn't lie or try to shift blame I just told the truth. I think the customer was relived just to be kept in the loop. The customer had two sight installs so I shipped the one that was competed and I have the replacement for the broken front on the way. In case you were wondering that white rod is the vial that makes night sights glow green. I can make excuses and say that the sights were to blame, but no this is one of those times you learn something and make the mental note, hey stupid don't do that again.