Another Bad Install by a "Gunsmith"

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

I saw this on a forum, were a member was asking about centering a set of sights installed by a "Gunsmith". The sights are indeed off center, but the worst part is that the gunsmith mangled the sights when installing them. Supposedly the sights were installed using a sight pusher so its weird that the tab would be deformed as it is. When batting sights installed make sure the smith will warranty the work. Any self respecting professional gunsmith would have stopped before the damage occurred and or replaced the sight before the customer ever saw it. I have made those phone calls before calling a customer up. Letting them know I damaged your sight, but then letting them know not to worry a new one was already on the way in and that they would have nothing but my best work. I have never had anyone say that that was not acceptable. This unfortunately is unacceptable.