XDM 5.25 Kaboom

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Reloading mistake leads to kaboom?

Reposted with permission: evenash 

BY James Nicholas 

This is an interesting post I came across from a talk group and figured I would share it as a learning lesson. If you do any work on firearms or components you need to remember your life depends on that work. Most likely this kaboom was due to a double charge of powder since it looks like half of the bottom of the case is missing. The 5.25 XDM has a fully supported chamber so this should not happen with a normal charge. 

"This is my shooting buddies gun. this was his first shot of the match. he thinks it was a double powder charge in his reload. bullet fired and hit the target. mag stayed in. next round didnt cycle. gun was broken down without much resistance. he has some powder burns on his hands. no other injuries besides his wallet. when it fired he threw it in the gravel. Side of the frame is blown out, mag release just flops. whole frame looks bulged apart. slide, barrel and mag look fine. 
More info: 
1.150 COAL, 147gr Falcon lead, WSF powder with supposedly 3.4gr charge. Brass was PPU, don't know if range or personal pick-up".