Lipstick On A Pig

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Looks good on the outside

By James Nicholas 

I am seeing this all too often now, where a refinisher is cutting corners. Its really giving the gunsmithing profession a bad name. Yes it looks good on the out side when you first look at it, but underneath hidden from view you have problems that are festering. Here is another example of a "reputable" refinisher that either from lack of skill or just lazy is creating more problems than they solve. Here is a hint if you look at a refinishers work and they paint the sights the same color as the slide this is what you are going to get. What it means is that the refinisher did not completely disassemble the firearm and just painted over things. Any rust, abrasive media and other junk is left behind hiding. One day all of those nasties will start to rust and damage the slide from inside out. The customer sent me this to replace the sights, but now the issue is that the new sights will not cover the coating gaps completely. So here you have a customer that paid for a professional refinishing job only to be left with something thats 80% finished.