Springfield Armory Announces 19 New Products for contest

by James Nicholas the XDMAN


The new year always brings new gear. Join Springfield Armory® January 8-17 in celebrating the release of 19 brand new productsto kick-off 2016!

Each day, at least one new product will be announced on 1950.Springfield-Armory.com.

Participants can fill out the online entry form one time per day for a chance to win one of the new guns.

Palmetto State Armory Issues PSAK47 Recall

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

PSAK47 Isolated Quality Control Issue

By James Nicholas

Palmetto State Armory is one of those companies that has a polarizing reputation within the firearms community. It's hard to go into a firearms forum and mention the name PSA without some drama ensuing Threads can quickly devolve into arguments about quality and the love/hate relationships people have with them. Personally up until this article I have never had any issues with any of PSA's products. Not only do I own about 6 different PSA firearms, but as a gunsmith I have customized countless customers PSA firearms in the past. As a dealer, we are happy to be the go to place for PSA transfers and we have yet to have a customer bring any PSA product back. But according to the "internet" you always seem to hear about PSA's bad service and their horrible products. The easiest way to start a flame war is to mention that you like PSA and plenty of people will recall stories about how PSA firearms can fall apart just by looking at them.....this is an exaggeration but you get what I am saying. I am in the camp that has learned to live with PSA shipping times and love the company. 

It was big news at the 2015 Shot Show when Palmetto State Armory announced that it would be making an American made AK47. I personally missed it at the Shot Show but was able to get some hands on time with it at the NRA Convention in Nashville TN several weeks later. I was excited as i looked at these display samples and from what I saw the fit and finish was on par if not better than other AK47's on the market. Fast forward several months and I was able to score a parts kit and one of the first 3000 PSA47's as a barreled receiver for a great price. I chose this route because I could come as close to building an AK47 without all of the specialized tooling. It was the same as buying an AR15 parts kit but on the AK47 platform. 

Then a couple days later I get an e-mail from PSA's customer service with the subject "PSAk47 Quality Control Photo Request" 

Good Afternoon, We appreciate your recent purchase of our new PSAK47. We hope that you are satisfied with your purchase. We are contacting you regarding a Quality Control issue. We experienced an isolated incident with one of our AK47's rear sight blocks. To insure that you are not affected by this we are requesting a side profile picture of your rear sight block. We have attached an example photograph of the picture we are requesting. Please contact us back as soon as possible so that we can verify the state of your product. We appreciate your business greatly and hope you have a great day. 

I really didn't think anything about it at first and the email went into the take care of it later pile. Then I get a phone call from PSA asking forget about the photo and if they send me a label can I just send it back to them for a hands on inspection. They were really polite, apologized for my inconvenience and let me know that they would have it back to me ASAP. 

So now the email went from the later pile to curiosity about this recall even though PSA is not calling it a recall. I pulled my receiver from the safe and began examining the rear sight block and sure enough mine had problems. Now the picture that PSA was requesting would not really tell them my AK had the problem and really would not have helped. It was not until you looked at it from the top and back end that you can see the issue. I want to note that I never really took the receiver out of the shipping bag and it was well oiled. So when I took it out to take these pictures the oil makes the metal of the gun look weird....Thats just all the oil on the gun. 

Picture one shows the right hand side of the rear sight block. Notice the barrel pin sticks out slightly and it almost looks like it dug into the bottom of the front trunnion as highlighted by the red arrow. In picture two notice the gap between the front trunnion and rear sight black. It looks like PSA pushed the barrel pin from right to left (as if shooting the gun) and the jig they were using did not support the front trunnion therefore allowing it to bow out slightly. 

Looking down at the top of the rear sight block you can see the gap between the front trunnion and rear sight block. At first glance this may not seem like a big deal. 

Now when you look at the assembly from behind you see the true extent of the damage. The Rear sight block is completely crooked. This is just a guess but adding to how they inserted the barrel pin it seems as if their Jig did not support the left side of the trunnion, but did hold the rear sight block on the left hand side. So when they pushed the barrel pin from right to left all the pressure was transferred to the rear sight block causing it to bend. If you have a PSAK47 that is affected they probably have already contacted you, or you can call their customer service at (803) 724-6950 M-F 8am-7pm EST. 

The good news is that PSA is aware of this. If you own a PSAK47 do a quick check and make sure that your gun does not exhibit this issue. The other good news is that on PSA's side this is an easy fix with a new jig that holds everything in place and transfers the forces properly. By the time you read this I suspect that PSA has already changed how they assemble the guns. The other positive is that so far PSA's customer service has been top notch and they went out of their way to fix this. Since this has to be an embarrassing screw up it makes me believe that they will add some extra quality control and new AK's coming out of South Carolina will be that much better. I will post a follow up as soon as i get her back. According to UPS it was delivered at the PSA warehouse on Oct 7th 2015 so you can get an idea of how long the fix will take. Please give them a little slack though hurricane Joaquin has devastated South Carolina with all of its rainfall and flooding. They are in a state of emergency with at least 17 confirmed deaths as of this time. My thoughts and prayers are with the them. 

Update 1 Tuesday Oct 13th 2015

An update to this original post today, I received an email from PSA this morning:

"I would like to thank you for returning your AK47 to us for inspection.  Please accept this 10% discount coupon to make up for any inconvenience this might have caused you.
Coupon Code:

Leonie Hasell
Customer Service Manager
Palmetto State Armory | 211 Business Park Blvd, Columbia, SC  29210
Phone: 803.724.6931 |  Email:Leonie.Hasell@palmettostatearmory.com
Web: www.palmettostatearmory.com
PSA email logo"

On a side note that couple code does not list any restrictions, so I am off to spend some money on Palmetto's website. 


by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Pistol and Suppressor All In One!

The biggest announcement at Maxim Vice was the reveal of the Maxim 9 - an integrally suppressed 9mm pistol.  Never before has a company successfully managed to produce a handgun with an integral silencer that is holsterable and hearing safe with any factory ammunition.  This product is primed to take the industry by storm, and we’re proud to to show it to you - our loyal SilencerCo supporters - first.
We’re keeping exact product details under wraps since it is still in the final design stages, but one thing is certain - the Maxim 9 will forever change the way people think about firearms when they realize that there is no longer any reason guns have to be loud.



The Osprey Micro is the most versatile, shortest, quietest, and easiest to clean rimfire silencer available.  What makes this silencer truly unique is that it is user-configurable and can be shortened from the already compact size of 4.6” down to a mere 3.1”.  Due to its eccentric design with a flat sight plane, the Osprey Micro is compatible with factory sights and can be holstered.  SilencerCo also plans to release our own holsters made specifically for use with the Osprey Micro.
The Osprey Micro is available for purchase now at a price of $599 and will begin shipping in October of 2015.
Click the button below for additional product details.

G2 Rip Out .223 Ammo

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Serious Stopping .223 Ammunition

Winder, GA, March 3, 2015 G2 Research announces a devastating new .223 round for hunting and tactical use. The new G2 Research .223 Ripout "Trident" Round produces a massive wound channel that helps hunters achieve accurate, sure, swift and quick kills.

This new (and suppressor-friendly) round uses a fast-expanding, premium-grade copper alloy 65-grain bullet made by G2 Research in CNC machines.

The Ripout brand Trident Round produces enormous hydrostatic shock and the bullet expands (or, more correctly, opens up) to a diameter of nearly three times its original diameter--and yet stays intact so the permanent wound channel is long as well as wide, resulting in incredibly quick kills.

G2 bullets are precision machined one by one in highly specialized CNC machines and engineered to fully expand within the first inch of impact. This controlled expansion results in the opening of three large copper petals called tridents. 

The G2 Ripout Round accomplishes this expansion at a barrel-conserving 2,840 FPS velocity, yet the bullet shank remains attached to the now-expanded bullet petals for deep, controlled penetration.


  • Caliber: .223 Remington
  • Velocity: 2,840 FPS
  • Bullet: 65-grain, CNC-manufactured copper alloy hollow-point Spitzer boattail
  • MSRP: $54.99 box of 20. Again, each bullet is precision-made on a CNC machine toachieve the controlled, devastating ballistic result.


New Truglo TFX Night Sights

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Truglo's New Sights

By James Nicholas 

Several years ago I had reported that Truglo was working on a mil spec version 2 of the TFO. At that time, it was way early in Truglo's development and the sights were nowhere near ready. Well, now I am happy to report that the sights are ready and will be shipping to distributors week one of December 2014. The new sight is going to be called the TFX. Truglo bills the TFX sight system as the next generation of TFO with some of the following features. 

  • Shorter front sight length for a longer sight radius. 
  • The Night Sight vial & fiber optics are encased in a vial with a sapphire face
  • The front sight now has a white ring around the front dot 
  • Fortress Finish helps against rust

My contact has let me know that they have tested these hermetically sealed capsules in multiple cleaners and solvents for months at at time with no damage to the fiber optics or tritium vials. Since the fiber optics are encased and faced with a sapphire glass, the green dots are slightly smaller in diameter than the classic TFO but more crisp and defined. The new shorter front sight allows for a longer sight radius which can potentially make the new XTF sights more accurate than past designs. The new white ring encircles the front sight dot to add an extra element for your eyes to pick up and focus on. At this time, the TFX sights are only available with Green Front and Green Backs.  As you can see from the flyer the TFX comes with a limited 12 year warranty. This part is speculation but one of my distributors list the MSRP at $172.00 but actual street prices should be lower. 

To Preorder these sights at $140.00 including the installation visit our store:

Springfield XD Version: http://www.shop.xd-hs2000.com/Sights_c56.htm

S&W M&P including Shield: http://www.shop.xd-hs2000.com/Smith-Wesson_c57.htm 

Some pictures from today photoshoot. 

Trijicon Introduces Bright & Tough and HD Night Sights for Smith&Wesson M&P Shield Handgun

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

S&W Shield Specific Trijicon Night Sights

By James Nicholas 


This was a press release that I got this morning from Trijicon, unfortunately it does not provide allot of information. What we can gather though is that this will be a new SKU for each version specific to the Shield. Instead of a one site fits all approach.  I have some of the new sights coming but I was told to expect about 8 weeks for delivery. And if this is for writers samples, then it could be a couple more weeks after that before they hit your dealers shelves. 

Trijicon Press release follows:

January 3, 2014

 Trijicon ®, Inc. Introduces Bright & Tough™ and HD™ Night Sights for Popular Smith&Wesson® M&P Shield™ Handgun

 Wixom, MI - New for 2014, Trijicon now offers both Bright and Tough™ and HD™ Night Sights for the immensely popular Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. The new offerings are available in multiple front/rear configurations for a variety of applications.

Trijicon Night Sights™ have served as the industry benchmark for more than two decades. Highly effective at close quarters, Trijicon Night Sights are standard issue with hundreds of municipal and county police and sheriff's departments, numerous state police departments and federal law enforcement agencies. In addition, they're the first choice of major handgun manufacturers, and are widely used in military applications and for personal defense. 

Trijicon HD™ Night Sights

HD Night Sights are designed to excel under the most demanding conditions by placing primary emphasis on faster front sight acquisition. This new design incorporates enhanced front sight visibility with a de-emphasized rear sight.Upfront, a tritium lamp lies within an extra-large, brightly colored (yellow or orange)dot area that provides a distinctive sighting picture. In addition, special photo luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) powder in the paint aids in faster front sight acquisition during transitional lighting operations.

 Trijicon Bright and Tough™ Night Sights

Trijicon self-luminous Night Sights increase night-fire shooting accuracy by as much as five times over conventional sights. Equally impressive, they do so with the same speed as instinctive shooting- and without the need for batteries.

New XDS 4.0

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

New 4 inch XDS Pistol 

By James Nicholas 

Well this was a surprise, a new XDS pistol. But wait it is not the 40SW version that people have been waiting for. If you would have asked me a year ago to predict some of the new products that would be introduced at 2014 Shot Show. I would have bet money that Springfield would fill in their XDS line-up with a 40SW version. Then I would have adjusted after the recall, the the 40 would have been pushed back until the 2015 Shot Show. My reasoning is that Springfield & HS Produkt is still behind upgrading guns as it is. Adding a new gun just pushes what capabilities they have right? Well I was wrong and really surprised that Springfield and HS Produkt decided to still continue adding new models.

This year Springfield & HS Produkt are releasing an XDS with a 4 inch barrel. What we can gather is that the new pistol will first be released in 9mm. Remember that the original XDS was a 45acp. This leads me to believe that the sales of the 9mm out sold the 45acp version in the 3.3 models. The sales are the only reason that makes sense since with the originals I was told they went with the harder version first. In interviewing contacts from Springfield I was told that originally they built the smallest pistol they could around a 45acp bullet. Then it would be relatively easy to adapt it for the smaller calibers. That way all the aftermarket items like holsters would fit the entire line up. I will agree that the current 9mm version is softer shooting and will beat me up less than the 45acp version. I am sure that people like that. 

The second thing you can take away is that other than the barrel, slide and recoil assembly length the new XDS is the exact same size as the 3.3inch version. The grip and capacity will be the same meaning that your current 9mm magazines will work with this pistol. This is my speculation of why they went with this size grip over something longer. And this is the reason they have the length they do for the extended magazines. I am willing to bet that with the extended magazine this new 4.0 will balance very well and be a better fit than it was with the smaller 3.3 version. With the extended magazine this size will match perfectly as a single stack analog of the 4inch classic XD service model. Well I can not wait for the 5 inch version... imagine a polymer 1911 analog! 

The new XDS still comes with "target" fiber optic sights to gain import points. What this allows is that even with the longer barrel the new 4.0 still weigh the same as the current smaller versions. All XD, XDM & XDS pistols are manufactured by HS Produkt in Croatia and imported into the U.S. by Springfield Armory. They put the "target" sights on these pistols to get a few more points when they import them into the US. ATF form 5330.5

From the ATF website: Click on the PDF and check out the full requirements. 

Pistols & revolvers must meet size & safety requirements and accrue a qualifying point value specified on ATF F 5330.5 (Form 4590), Factoring Criteria for Weapons.

ATF Form.jpg

The weight will be the same since the slide needs a minimum mass to make sure there is safe lock up and reliable cycling. Even though there is in theory more metal in the longer slide. Internally they will machine cutouts in the longer slide so the pistols will weigh the same even with the longer slide.  HS Produkt uses this same technique with the classic XD & XDM pistols. 


Here you can see in this artists rendering what I am talking about. The new XDS with the longer magazine should be about the same size as a classic service model XD. Will it be exact? No not really but really close enough in concept. 


In this artists rendering, I overlay the basic size of an XDS 4.0 on top of a service model Classic XD. 

The new XDS 4.0 Frame will be the same as the current XDS. In these pictures we compare the frame of the XDS and the service model classic XD. The last picture we install a Pearce grip on the XDS frame and with the grip it somewhat matches the length of the classic XD. 

Multiple Impact Bullet

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Advanced Ballistics Concepts, LLC


Advanced Ballistics Concepts Multi-segmented Bullet Dramatically Improves Hit Probability 

Denver, CO – January 10, 2011

Recognizing that more than 90 percent of shots fired by handguns and hand-held firearms miss their targets, Advanced Ballistics Concepts, LLC (ABC), a ballistics research and development company, today announced the company has invented the first multi-part bullet that immediately unlocks and expands to a predetermined diameter and pattern of spread upon leaving the tip of a rifled barrel. This new wide envelopment bullet – enhanced with ABC’s patent-pending Multiple Impact™ Technology (Mi3™) – significantly improves a shooter’s hit probability in ultra-close and mid-range engagements because the bullet produces a "spider web”-like effect prior to impact.

Mi3 bullets are similar to multi-pellet buckshot in that both deliver multiple strike points. However, a Mi3 round enhances performance because the bullet expands up to 4x faster than buckshot. The bullet design also allows each segment to have a greater mass which in turn produces greater stopping power.

Mi3 is the first bullet to interconnect three separate segments with Kevlar strings that expand like a spider web to a predetermined diameter and spread pattern that not only dramatically improves the accuracy and hit probability, but does so without disrupting the normal flight path of a spinning bullet. Mi3 bullets employ a proprietary “accelerated radial spread”™ that compensates for most, if not all, of typical shooter error. 

“According to national law enforcement statistics, more than 90% of shots fired in life and death situations miss their mark,” said Todd Kuchman, Co-Founder and President of ABC. “Our research shows that these missed shots are the result of ‘last second twitch’ which occurs to some extent whenever a gun is fired, particularly in highly stressful situations. Because every Mi3 bullet offers a wide shot profile, it compensates for marksman's error which significantly increases hit probability.” 

While improved hit probability is the primary benefit of Mi3™rounds, safety also played a large role in the design of the technology. “No one wants to cause collateral damage when discharging a firearm, particularly in the confusion of a threatening situation,” continued Kuchman. “That’s why the Mi3 bullet is the first to offer SMART-STOP™ technology, a proprietary braking system that can be configured to stop the bullet after hitting a typical household wall or live target.” 

ABC is preparing to offer its Mi3 bullets in three distinct categories: non-lethal (aka: Mi3 Stinger™),semi-lethal (aka: Mi3 Stunner™) and fully-lethal (aka: Mi3 Stopper™) variants. Each variant is optimized for use by the company’s primary target markets: military, police, hunters and personal gun owners. By offering the three variants, ABC supports the blended use of Mi3 bullets (Smart-Stack™) which eliminates the need for additional expensive weapons -- such as shotguns -- and Tasers that military and police typically have to carry to address varied threats. In addition, all Mi3™ bullets are “backward compatible” to eliminate the need to purchase new firearms. 

The company is currently focused on securing partnerships with manufacturers/distributors capable of bringing this innovative ballistic technology to the multi-billion worldwide ammunition/personal defense markets. Organizations interested in working with ABC can contact the company at (970) 396-4136 or visit the company’s website at www.mibullet.com

New AR-15 Bump Fire Trigger

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

High Quality Bump Fire Trigger Pack

By James Nicholas


In todays media blitz I got this news release about this new comapny and its product. Tac-Con manufactures a new AR-15 trigger pack and safety switch. What is special about the 3MR trigger system is that from all out side appearences it looks like a standard and unmodified AR-15. By flipping the safety though it does something internally to allow the trigger pack to bump fire. The rifle is still only firing one round for every pull of the trigger making it a legal semi-auto rifle. But the bumpfireing allows you to shot the rifle so fast that it simulates what a full auto rifle would do. Think of the SlideFire stock that allows you you easily bump fire your AR-15. The beauty of this product is that it allows you to use your favorite stock, grip and trigger guard so you do not have to change your rifle. Yes the slide fire can be removed, but it is a pain to remove the stock and then reinstall your normal grip and stock evrey time. This is unobrusive. Another major complaint about the Slide Fire is that one long stock is suppossed to fit all. With the TacCon Trigger pack you can now use your collapsable stock for an adjustable customized fit for all shapes and sizes of shooters. 

"TAC-CON is about to set the industry standard for fire control systems", said Eddie Stevenson, President, Driftwood Media, Inc. "This ingenious new system will provide military, law enforcement and civilian shooters with performance never before attainable from a non-NFA item. I look forward to working with TAC-CON as they tell their story to the world."

 Michael Stakes, President, TAC-CON said, "We are very excited to be working with Driftwood Media. Our new fire control system is going to make a tremendous impact on the AR community and we look forward to integrating our products throughout the industry! Stay tuned for our official product launch in just a few short weeks!"


Tactical Fire Control, Inc. is an aggressive new company that's dedicated to providing superior, American-made products to the civilian, law enforcement and military firearms industry.  For more information on the company's innovative fire control system, contact TAC-CON at 44047 N 43rd Avenue #74243, Phoenix, AZ 85087-5948 * Telephone: 623-282-1881 * or visit www.TacFireCon.com