New AR-15 Bump Fire Trigger

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

High Quality Bump Fire Trigger Pack

By James Nicholas

In todays media blitz I got this news release about this new comapny and its product. Tac-Con manufactures a new AR-15 trigger pack and safety switch. What is special about the 3MR trigger system is that from all out side appearences it looks like a standard and unmodified AR-15. By flipping the safety though it does something internally to allow the trigger pack to bump fire. The rifle is still only firing one round for every pull of the trigger making it a legal semi-auto rifle. But the bumpfireing allows you to shot the rifle so fast that it simulates what a full auto rifle would do. Think of the SlideFire stock that allows you you easily bump fire your AR-15. The beauty of this product is that it allows you to use your favorite stock, grip and trigger guard so you do not have to change your rifle. Yes the slide fire can be removed, but it is a pain to remove the stock and then reinstall your normal grip and stock evrey time. This is unobrusive. Another major complaint about the Slide Fire is that one long stock is suppossed to fit all. With the TacCon Trigger pack you can now use your collapsable stock for an adjustable customized fit for all shapes and sizes of shooters. 

"TAC-CON is about to set the industry standard for fire control systems", said Eddie Stevenson, President, Driftwood Media, Inc. "This ingenious new system will provide military, law enforcement and civilian shooters with performance never before attainable from a non-NFA item. I look forward to working with TAC-CON as they tell their story to the world."

 Michael Stakes, President, TAC-CON said, "We are very excited to be working with Driftwood Media. Our new fire control system is going to make a tremendous impact on the AR community and we look forward to integrating our products throughout the industry! Stay tuned for our official product launch in just a few short weeks!"


Tactical Fire Control, Inc. is an aggressive new company that's dedicated to providing superior, American-made products to the civilian, law enforcement and military firearms industry.  For more information on the company's innovative fire control system, contact TAC-CON at 44047 N 43rd Avenue #74243, Phoenix, AZ 85087-5948 * Telephone: 623-282-1881 * or visit