New Truglo TFX Night Sights

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Truglo's New Sights

By James Nicholas 

Several years ago I had reported that Truglo was working on a mil spec version 2 of the TFO. At that time, it was way early in Truglo's development and the sights were nowhere near ready. Well, now I am happy to report that the sights are ready and will be shipping to distributors week one of December 2014. The new sight is going to be called the TFX. Truglo bills the TFX sight system as the next generation of TFO with some of the following features. 

  • Shorter front sight length for a longer sight radius. 
  • The Night Sight vial & fiber optics are encased in a vial with a sapphire face
  • The front sight now has a white ring around the front dot 
  • Fortress Finish helps against rust

My contact has let me know that they have tested these hermetically sealed capsules in multiple cleaners and solvents for months at at time with no damage to the fiber optics or tritium vials. Since the fiber optics are encased and faced with a sapphire glass, the green dots are slightly smaller in diameter than the classic TFO but more crisp and defined. The new shorter front sight allows for a longer sight radius which can potentially make the new XTF sights more accurate than past designs. The new white ring encircles the front sight dot to add an extra element for your eyes to pick up and focus on. At this time, the TFX sights are only available with Green Front and Green Backs.  As you can see from the flyer the TFX comes with a limited 12 year warranty. This part is speculation but one of my distributors list the MSRP at $172.00 but actual street prices should be lower. 

To Preorder these sights at $140.00 including the installation visit our store:

Springfield XD Version:

S&W M&P including Shield: 

Some pictures from today photoshoot.