Shot Show 2013 - Springfield Armory XDS 9mm

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Springfield Armory releases new pistol - 2013 Shot Show

By James Nicholas

The best cure for frozen fingers on an unseasonable cold day in the desert is the new smoking hot XDs 9mm pistol.  I could go on and on about all of the specs but you already know most of them.  The new XDs 9mm is the exact same size as it's big brother XDs 45acp.  Springfield did make a few changes including an increased capacity, increased barrel thickness,  shorter magazine from front to back, and a small internal grip change to fit the smaller magazines.  The XDs 9mm will hold 7 rounds with flush fit magazine and 9 rounds with the extended grip magazine giving a total of 8 and 10 rounds, respectively.  

Because the new XDs is the same size as the previous XDs pistol, most all accessories should work with both with no modifications.  This means you can use your existing holster, sites, lasers, flashlights, etc. Unfortunately since the magazine size has been changed, the existing Pearce Grip and magazine pouches will not work with the new gun without modification.  

The XDs 9mm is planned for a second quarter 2013 release and MSRP will be comparable to existing models.  It will  be available in the a kit with 9mm-7 round flush fitting magazines, magazine pouch and holster included.  The extended grip magazines will be available at a later date. A 40SW version is in the works but at least a year or more out.  

According to Rob Leatham, the XDs pistol has been a popular choice especially among first time shooters and new gun owners.  He expects this new 9mm to be even more popular and in high demand for a long time.  The 45acp version has a reputation for being a surprisingly easy gun to shoot. After firing the 9mm today, I found that it was even easier to shoot with very little recoil.  I agree with Mr. Leatham that it's going to be wildly popular and comfortable for both new and experienced shooters to use. 

This pistol is definitely a must buy for 2013. It's going to be popular and in high demand so get one as soon as you can.