Shot Show 2013 - Magpul Both

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Magpul Booth 2013

The star at the Magpul booth was their custom "Battle Wagon" topped off with a minigun.  the booth was beyond full and there was barely standing room available. I was told they are working night and day trying to get orders for Pmags shipped to distributors. Even though they released a gen 3 version of the Pmag they will not discontinue the older version and have even lowered the price on them. They are committed to providing their customers with a quality product at a great price.  They directed me to their Facebook post from Dec 18th 2012 as an official response. 

"We've received a lot of comments about some retailers charging extremely high prices for our products. We strongly discourage pricing strategies like this with our direct customers, as we just don't feel right about it. Those retailers who are buying through distribution, and not direct, may be worried about supply and reacting to the market with this pricing increase. We are firm believers in free capitalism, and as long as no one is damaging market value through their pricing strategy, we will allow the market to correct this situation, as it appears it already is. We intend to continue to produce and sell our products to support the MSRPs we have set. Magazines will continue to flow to those retailers, distributors, and OEM customers with whom we have direct relationships."

For other new products they showed off the new MS4 QD Sling, and a new AK-47 pistol grip as showed off by JB from Rifle Dynamics.