Shot Show 2014 - Smith & Wesson

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Smith & Wesson

By James Nicholas

I am disappointed yet again by Smith & Wesson......still no 45acp Shield. But they did have a new M&P pistol. This new pistol is a reworked Bodyguard. Now first let me say that the Bodyguard will still be the bodyguard and will not have any changes done to it. This new M&P 380 based off the Bodyguard with the laser removed, a better trigger, M&P markings and scalloped cocking serration's like the rest of the M&P line. I will be up front and say I have never liked the Bodyguard at all. The triggers are so horrible on them that that one thing negated the size and weight advantage for me. This M&P on the other hand, had a very acceptable trigger and I was able to instantly be more accurate with it that I ever have been with the laser advantage of a Bodyguard. The size, weight and cheaper price point......this is the 380 Glock should have made. 

Just look how small it is on top of my XDS, I personally think this is a winner and what Smith & Wesson should have offered as an option in the first place. Some of the other cool new revolvers Smith has introduced include a 7 round 9mm revolver in their pro series. A new custom shop 460 beast revolver as evident by the recoil pictured. And some new AR22LR camo rifles.