Shot Show 2014 - Glock 42

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Glock 380

By James Nicholas 

Well when Glock releases any new product there is allot of fanfare all around. Those that love Glock will love the Glock 42. Those that hate Glock will hate the 42. I am sort of in the middle in this respect. After holding the 42 in my is small and light weight. It is relatively easy to pull the slide back (I am thinking about women and shooters with arthritis). The recoil is really manageable again thinking about women and shooters with arthritis. The 42 keeps Glocks tradition of a no holds barred easy to use pistol with nothing in the way for you to just use it if you need to. I was able to pick up this brand new pistol that I had never shot and easily have to hit any target they had set up in front of me. In the hundreds of rounds that I saw media member shoot, some of those looking new to firearms, and some really small in stature the 42 never jammed or had any hiccups. Every one seemed to be able to use this pistol like a pro without having to be taught how to use it. It just seemed right. Now my bad opinion. The size Wow this would have been one hell of a 9mm and it would have been sold out for years, Glock would not be able to make enough of them. You compare the size of the 42 to the new M&P 380 and the 42 looks too big, oh why Glock why so long and tall. Normally I like my women skinny long and tall (I know not appropriate) but in a 380 I want small, skinny and light weight. Now comparing the 42 to my XDS, you will see what I mean. Comparing the 42's magazine to a 45acp XDS magazine they are almost the same damn size. Except for my Pearce grip extension they are the same size height and width. When I layer the 42 on top of my XDS well you can again see they are practically the same size within a 1/4th inch or less in every dimension. And remember the XDS show is a 45acp. The power to size ratio just does not compute for someone like my self. If I am going to carry a 380 I would go with the new M&P the size is there or lack of size, really. It fits in your pocket and you will forget about it. With the 42 I really want to add a pinky extension (more bushiness for Pearce Grips) which will make it longer but the size dictates it it is just big enough that I want my pinky finger to have a place to live on the grip. If I am going to carry something that size I will move up the 10% in size and go with at least a 9mm Shield, XDS, Nano or LC9. But if you have a bad back and like normal carry the 42's lighter weight will be a god send every ounce helps. If you have arthritis or have issues with recoil the 42 also excels at this. Take a look at the pictures and you can make the decision of what camp you will be in. You think the 9mm vs a real man carry's a 45 1911 discussions get heated, just wait. Glock this would have been hailed as revolutionary a couple years ago, but now there are so many great 9mm options. Me I remember the first XDS ad with the tagline "380 was a cute fad - Now, let's get back to business." When I carry a gun I am all business. 


Comparing the 45acp XDS magazine six 380 rounds or five 45acp. The power to size ration does not make sense to me. 

Top left, my pinky finger just slips off the bottom of the magazine, allot of people will be adding magazine extensions for sure. Second picture top row please note the two blue arrows, the 42 comes with some new marking's that look like the state of Georgia were the 42 is made. Then I lay the 42 on top of my 45acp XDS slightly smaller yes, but again the power and allure of a 45 keep calling me. Last picture bottom notice now ho small a real 380 pistol can be there is a difference in size here that may warrant carrying a small 380 say with shorts and flip flops during the summer in Alabama.