Shot Show 2014 - Around The Show 2

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

More from around the Show 2014 

By James Nicholas 

A wall of new products from Crimson Trace including this new laser for the Springfield Armory EMP 1911 pistol. 

At less than 50.00 retail this polymer/metal hybrid AR-15 stripped lower, makes it one of the best bargains found at this years Shot Show. The Omni Hybrid imported by American Tactical promises a a polymer lower with metal inserts  to reenforce critical areas to provide a stronger overall product. At less than 50.00 any AR builder needs to pick up a few of these. I only had a chance to handle a couple of the lowers and even though they are polymer it feels solid and high quality it seems like no corners were cut. 

It was really too bad that Remington decided not to participate in the media range day I loved to have shot the new R51. Much has been said about its "radical" sleek curvy design. You can get used to it real quick once you hold it. It feels so good in the hand that you forget about the looks. What I can tell you about this new pistol, is that it comes with a 16 pound recoil spring. This makes it super easy to manipulate the slide. This will be a god send for some women shooters and those with arthritis especially. What really cool about the R51 is that it is actually rated right on the barrel for +P 9mm. Plus they already have threaded barrels for suppressor use. 

Beretta released the PICO at the last NRA show but I had not yet held one. This little 380 Auto was described to me as a mini Nano. What was cool about this pistol is that nothing sticks out from the slide of it, even the slide lever is embedded in the frame.