Shot Show 2014 - DuraCoat

by James Nicholas the XDMAN


By James Nicholas 

Stopped by the Duracoat booth to talk to my good friend Steve Lauer the owner of Lauer Custom Weaponry the makers of DuraCoat. Steve's two part aerosol finishing kit caught my attention. DuraCoat is a two part mixture, the pigment and a hardener. What they were able to do is come up with a special spray paint can that keeps the two parts separate until you break a bottom seal. Once the seal is broken you shake the can mixing to two parts together, then spay your gun. One of the coolest parts about this system is that it is completely self contained and there is no measuring whatsoever. It comes right out of the can in a perfect mixture. Steve also bragged about the nozzle used on the can that will give you the same results as if you had uses an HVLP or airbrush to apply the coat. He dared me to pick out a 1911 on display that had been sprayed by the can. I could not. One thing to note is that each color has a UV protectant in the can. Steve let me know for example black will look a little glossy at first even after it is cured, but after a couple of weeks it will start to loose some the glossiness as it reaches a full cure.