Shot Show 2014 - US Night Vision

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

USNV Products 

By James Nicholas 

U.S. Night Vision just released a product called MAG WRAPS. These come three to a pack and in many different patterns. Every one offers ways to camouflage your magazines, but what about adding some great pin-up art work or a copy of the constitution. With the USNV Hot Shots 2013 series each of your magazines can sport a different classy style pin-up girl. With the freedom series USNV offers classic ways of showing your patriotism. 

One of the big trends of the 2014 Shot Show was the integration of smart devices with your tactical gear. It seemed like every other booth had a vendor that was pushing an adaptor for your Iphone, iPad or Android device to allow you to use it with your scope or thermal imager.