Shot Show 2015 Pre Show Media Release

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Magpul 2015

The PMAG D-60. Sixty rounds. Reliable, durable, lightweight, shorter than a 30 rd mag, and full of features that make it extremely easy to use. MSRP $129.95. Please note that transparent back and cut-away versions were for testing purposes only, and the solid drum with round indicator window is the variant that will be offered for sale. Shipping Spring/Summer 2015, but you can get a sneak peak of the drum in action at ATAC range day before SHOT show.

The Hunter 700, $259.95 MSRP has an anodized aluminum bedding block, uses SGA cheek riser and LOP spacers, has M-LOK slots, has dimples to add swivel studs and places to add our QD sockets, weighs 2.9 lbs, and works with factory Rem bottom metal as packaged, or....

Remove a spacer (30 seconds) and insert our hybrid steel and polymer Bolt Action Magazine Well (MSRP $69.95, includes one magazine) to use AICS compatible magazines, speaking of which...

The PMAG5 7.62 AC is an AICS compatible polymer magazine with anti-tilt follower, MSRP $34.95. The magazine holds five rounds as packaged to comply with hunting regulations, but if you clip the follower stop on a pre-scored line, it becomes a 6-round magazine, useful in competitive shooting disciplines or just for an extra round.

Above are screen shots of the Hunter 700. Pictures 3/6/7 have clean close ups of the new PMAG5. And interesting that magpie outfitted the Remington with a Kinetic Research Group Bolt lift instead of something like a Badger oversized bolt. The KRG Bolt Lift is a polymer clam shell snap on oversized bolt handle. There is no need to modify the factory bolt and it is easily installable. I guess they wanted to target the market of do it your self up-graders. 

The new MBUS Pro LR is the most intuitive, low profile back up sight available. It offers a flip up deployment capability with elevation and windage adjustments. Also, available will be the new M-LOK Paraclip Sling Mount and QDM. The QDM is a quick disconnect sling mount that is a heavy duty upgrade to the standard push-button QD sling swivels.