Shot Show 2015 Day 1

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Took a tour around the crowded Magpul booth. By now you know they will have a whole series of AK-47 MOE furniture. They will also release metal lined AK-47 magazines and as far as right now they will still be shipping the non metal reenforced versions as well. The Glock magazines are cheap than Glock factory mags with all of the reliability and are easier to take apart to boot.

Over at the Barrett booth they had a beautiful engraved and blued M82A1 that the NRA will Auction. The Stock had nice wooden accents with gold inlays in the metal engraving. The metal was given a nice polished blued finish. showed off some of their new locking holsters that will be available in the next couple months. Over at the focus booth I found a new holster that I think many people will like. It is a universal inside the wait band holster that will fit hundreds of different pistols. They come in two different sizes one for large semi autos like a Glock 22, XD or S&W M&P or the like. The small fits pistols like the S&W bodyguard or similar. 

I ran into some more noteworthy folks today. Todays highlights in the getting beat up by famous people included Michael Rooker who played Merle Dixon on AMC's The Walking Dead. Stephanie and Kris Ford previously, on Sons of Guns, were networking for their new shop Ford's Firearms. Check out their Facebook page at Over at the Sig Sauer booth I ran into I.P.S.C world champ Max Michel. And I was able to catch Springfield Armory owner Dennis Resse on his way into a meeting for a quick photo op (I should have posed him beating me up).