Pearce Grip for the Springfield Armory XDS

by James Nicholas the XDMAN in ,

Pearce Grip Model PG-XDS for the XDS Compact Pistol

By James Nicholas

Back in January at the 2012 Shot Show, Springfield Armory introduced its new single stack 45acp pistol. At that time we only had access to the flush fitting 5 round magazines. While the pistol shot great and felt good in the hand, the bottom of the grip hit right in the middle of my "pinky" finger. 

A side view of the XDS pistol showing how the bottom of the grip digs right into my pinky finger. 

While still at the show, I made sure to give Lane Pearce, owner of Pearce Grips, a call.  I recommend he stop by the Springfield Booth and take a look at this new pistol. Knowing this would be a popular pistol I told him it desperately needed one of his grip extensions to make it a perfect fit for most people hands.  A couple months later, I opened my mailbox to find a package from Pearce Grips. Inside was their new grip extension model PG-XDS.

The Pearce grip Extension model PG-XDS

The PG-XDS comes in their typical plastic clamshell packaging. The package contents include the polymer grip, ad insert, and cardboard placard as shown below. 

Not too long after Springfield started shipping the XDS pistol, they also started shipping their extra capacity 7 round magazines. These magazines did extend the grip but by over 1 inch! These extra capacity magazines just overrode the XDS's compact concealable size. Notice the picture below with a normal shooting grip and all of the extra wasted grip space. 

XDS with extra capacity 7round magazine.

What the Peace Grip Extension provides is an in between just right grip--not too short, not too long, but just right. You will notice below that with a normal shooting grip I can comfortably hold the XDS with all three fingers. The extension only increases the length of the grip just enough to get the job done. 

A side view of the XDS pistol with The Pearce grip Extension. 

Below you will see different views comparing the sizes of the XDS and its different grip options that are available to users. 

Comparing the 3 different grips of the XDS.

Side view of the XDS pistol showing the different grip options.

Below are images of the Pearce Grip Extension superimposed to scale with the extended and flush fit magazines. 

The Pearce Grip Extension superimposed over the factory flush fit XDS magazine. 

The Pearce Grip Extension superimposed over the factory extra capacity XDS magazine. 

These are available right now on our sister website and have an MSRP of 10.00. The PG-XDS should be available in your local stores in the next couple of weeks if you want to see it in person. For under $10.00 this should be a great edition to your XDS carry pistol.

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