Springfield XD-22LR

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Advantage Arms pringfield Armory XD-22LR Conversion Kit

By James Nicholas

Advantage Arms has updated their website to show that in about a month, June 2013  hey will release their new XD conversion kit. The XD 940-4 is a 22LR conversion kit for the Springfield Armory XD Service model with a 4 inch barrel. For the last couple of months we have had the opportunity to test these kits out and put them though the wringer. Lots of ammo latter and I still have a permanent smile.  We will have more in-depth coverage to follow.

One of the many range trips out with the XD 940-4 kits.  Springfield XD 22LR conversion kit. 

On this range trip I took a couple of the conversion kits along with some of the different generations of Springfield XD pistols. I wanted to see how the kits ran with different ammo in the different variations of XD pistols. 

We loaded the six magazines with a variety of different 22LR ammo and hit the range. Please note that before we used these kits we made sure to use a high quality gun oil to make sure the kits were well lubricated. 

A side view live firing the Advantage Arms Springfield Armory XD 22LR conversion kit. 

With the kits well lubricated they were able to fully function with different 22LR ammo including what some would consider cheap, dirty and unreliable.

Even with cheap ammo reliability was above 98% with only a couple of light primer strikes in 300 plus rounds on this particular range visit. 

Live firing the Advantage Arms 22LR Springfield Armory XD conversion kit. 

Above: a 22LR shell just about to clear the slide as it is in full recoil. 

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