Tac Ops Bolt Knob Conversion

by James Nicholas the XDMAN

Project : Mossberg MVP

Tac Ops Bolt Knob Conversion

By James Nicholas  

The Tactical Operations Bolt Knob Conversion 

I just bought my second Mossberg MVP in 5.56mm Nato. With this second rifle I wanted to make a project out of it and end up with something tacticool. After coming up with a game plan, one of the first after market items I purchased for the rifle was a large bolt knob. I decided to go with the Tactical Operations Bolt Knob since the installation would be more feasible for D.I.Y. readers to preform themselves. The installation will follow shortly but here is the unboxing to hold you over until we get started. 

We ordered the Tac Ops anodized bolt from Brownells.com who sells them for $41.95. The bolt kit came in a simple cardboard box with the manufacturer's information on the front. Included in the box is a paper installation instruction sheet and the two parts of the kit--the bolt and stud. I chose to order the anodized version since we are going to refinish the Mossberg MVP with KG Gunkote later anyway. This version is bright and shiny. If I were not refinishing it to match the rifle, it would stick out since it is so glossy. The Tac Ops bolt is also available with a matte Black T finish, but since I have not personally seen one, I cannot comment on what the sheen difference is. 

The Tactical operations Bolt Conversion Kit along side a Striped Mossberg MVP bolt. 

Above we have stripped the Mossberg MVP's bolt in preparation for installation of the Large Bolt. Notice how the factory bolt handle is dwarfed by the Tac Ops knob when laid out next to it. If you want some extra leverage for reliability or have trouble finding the factory bolt handle, you will not have the same troubles with this aftermarket one.  That's for sure.

Here is a copy of the Tac Ops factory installation instructions sheet. It is always disappointing that when you are researching a product and you can't find the instructions or the manual so you can plan or make a decision accordingly. Without the instructions you would not know that you will also need:

  • Center Punch
  • #23 Drill Bit  
  • Chamfering Tool
  • Drill Press & Vice
  • Silver Solder or Tig Welding equipment 

Hopefully this will help you piece together all of the items you need for a successful install if you are going to try this yourself.  It may also help you make the decision to send your bolt out for a professionals help if the install is above your skill and or equipment level. 

A copy of the Tac Ops Bolt Conversion Kit factory installation instructions sheet. No matter how much I researched I could not find this until after I purchased the kit. 

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